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Sept. 28, 2020

Ep. 11 Charities and Business

Ep. 11 Charities and Business

What charities got me excited to invest in

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So this morning, I thought we would talk a little bit differently than we've been talking about in our previous weeks. I'm going to talk about charity and its relationship to business.

They are tied together because first of all if you don't have a good environment to do business in, you can't do good business.

So businesses need to support the community and support charitable activities and make sure that the environment for doing business is as good as possible.

And if you've got people that are not up to snuff, they drag down the business. if you've got a community that's not exciting to be involved in, you drag down the business.

And a business that has employees that don't care about their community, or don't care about their environment, it drags down your own business.

But if they get excited and it’s a project they can work on that is not directly related to making money, that enthuses a lot of people, especially the younger people with the stars in their eyes. You know as older folks, you have to kick our butts to get us to think about something. I'm an old folk.

So I just wanted to discuss four of the charities that I'm involved in, how I got involved, why they're so exciting, and why I picked these.


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