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July 28, 2020

Ep. 8 Gems of Wisdom from Experience

Ep. 8 Gems of Wisdom from Experience

7 stories. 7 lessons.

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Topics, References, Articles, and Stories

  1. $50 Leather Bound Family Bible
  2. I said "Maybe" and that's Final -- More Streets and A Big World
  3. Bag of Solutions Looking For Problems
  4. Bringing in an Outsider for Cross-Pollination 
  5. Five Minute Interviews - One a Failure, One a Total Success
  6. If You Leave, I have to replace you with an expensive teacher
  7. Get Your Degree, and Then Learn What You Want

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In the provision of Management Consulting for Entrepreneurs, I design sound business plans I find worth investing In. With several decades of background in investment banking, strategic planning, and technology growth, whether you're handling one million or seventy million, I'm here to help.