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Aug. 31, 2021

Ep. 22 Elaine Swann’s School of Etiquette - Be well. Live well

Ep. 22 Elaine Swann’s School of Etiquette - Be well. Live well

An etiquette training school

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Elaine Swann is the founder of The Swann School of Protocol an institution committed to enriching the lives of individuals through the instruction of etiquette and social courtesies.

She delivers in-depth coaching in the areas of Business, Self-Improvement, Lifestyle, and Social Engagement. Elaine uses her extensive knowledge to educate organizations, universities, businesses, and individuals throughout the US.

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The Swann School of Protocol


Business Consultant, Investor, and Technology Advocate.

In the provision of Management Consulting for Entrepreneurs, I design sound business plans I find worth investing In. With several decades of background in investment banking, strategic planning, and technology growth, whether you're handling one million or seventy million, I'm here to help.

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Elaine Swann

Lifestyle and Etiquette Expert, Founder of The Swann School of Protocol

Elaine Swann is a nationally known figure who is famous for her expertise in the field of etiquette and lifestyle coaching. She is the founder of The Swann School of Protocol and has traveled the country sharing her advice with prestigious businesses and universities such as Bank of America and the Wharton School of Business. With 20 independently owned and operated schools across the United States, Elaine works diligently to empower her etiquette consultant partners to provide world-class etiquette and social training.

She is the CEO of Decorum Ventures, a lifestyle brand company that helps people develop and enrich their social skills, and live a more cultured lifestyle. Decorum Ventures produces broadcast programming, publishes books, and develops etiquette-inspired products and coaching services for everyday living. Through her extensive knowledge of the etiquette trade -- including business, technology and entertaining – Elaine helps professionals and individuals improve their executive image.

The New York Times dubbed Elaine Swann as “The Emily Post of the Digital Age.” As an authority on social etiquette and lifestyle practices, Elaine has appeared on all major networks, including the TODAY Show, CNN, FOX Network, TruTV, E! Entertainment and Huffington Post Live, Inside Edition, Fox News Network and has been quoted in many top lifestyle publications. Her book, "Let Crazy Be Crazy", is on bookshelves now. Pre-orders for her latest book, “A Distinctive Approach", is now available on her site.