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April 28, 2020

Ep. 2 Golden Tongued Wisdom

Ep. 2 Golden Tongued Wisdom

Bureaucrats. Sins of omission. Sins of commission.

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Topics covered in today’s episode

  • Sheltering in place at Carlsbad By The Sea.
  • Small businesses adapting to this new future.
  • The two big advantages women salespeople have over men.
  • Talking about technology first-adopters. To be successful, it needs to get into the mainstream. And to get into the mainstream, it needs to be transparent. 
  • Mary Cravet use of Zoom breakout rooms to help people build their relationships and business.
  • John Sanders ponders the relationship between the pandemic shutdown and saving lives.
  • How other countries have been dealing with the pandemic?
  • Bureaucrats. Sins of omission. Sins of commission.
  • The three basic laws of business as it relates to bureaucrats:


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